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Engineer Master II

Engineer Master II Collection

Carrying over the high level specifications of the other Engineer families within the Ball Watch catalogue the Engineer Master II contains the Dive and Aviator watches. The Diver incorporates a unique and exclusive inner rotating bezel containing the brands Tritium gas tubes. All watches have exceptional specifications with up to 5000Gs shock resistance and 4800A/m anti-magnetism. This extraordinary range of watches are most definitely fit for purpose.

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Fireman Collection

Ball Watch’s entry level range, the Fireman would be at the top end of most brand’s catalogues due to the high end materials utilised and the exemplary fit and finish throughout. Couple these factors with useful real world specifications, to allow your elegant looking timepiece, worthy of any boardroom, to be worn in any imaginable endurance situation, and you have a wrist watch that competes way above its price point.

Go for the most popular 'Enterprise' or 'Nightbreaker' for something dark and timeless, or the 'NECC' or 'Fireman Storm' for something with a little more pizzazz.

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Engineer Hydrocarbon

Engineer Hydrocarbon Collection

The Ball Watch Hydrocarbon range contains the flagship models for the brand which integrate the patented crown protection system. When a wrist watch is shock tested it is only tested by impacting the watch on the non-crown side, due to its vulnerability. Ball Watch created the crown protection system to allow their watches to be impact tested on both sides of the case up to 7500Gs. The in-house developed and patented systems Amortiser©, SpringLock© and SpringSeal© are also utilised to assure an incredible level of robustness. The brand’s proprietary Mumetal© shield is utilised on some models to guarantee an anti-magnetic specification of an astonishing 80000A/m.

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Trainmaster Collection

A classical railroad heritage, the Trainmaster timepieces are made in the absolute respect for the values of precision, reliability and tradition of the BALL legacy and feature a sapphire crystal case back.

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Engineer II

Engineer II Collection

Building on the success of the original Engineer series from Ball Watch, all Engineer II models have impressive shock resistant, up to 5000Gs, and magnetic resistance, up to 4800 A/m. This range includes the re-interpretation of Ball Watch’s first diver’s watch the Skin Diver Heritage, The Green Berets, with Titanium Carbide case and oversized tritium gas tubes, and the Moonphase, which incorporates a unique luminous moonphase indicator. The Engineer II range is the epitome of the endurance watch that looks as good as it performs.

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Engineer III

Engineer III Collection

A re-imagination of the celebrated Engineer series, the “Engineer III” models feature various technological advancements in a streamlined watch case, bringing sport-elegance to the next level.

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Ball Watches are unique in the luxury watch industry in so many positive ways. Created by Webster C Ball (an evangelist for accuracy) in 1891, when he was asked by the US Railroads to create an accurate timepiece, and the means to test and service these pieces regularly. The tests and the system created by Ball resulted in the Chronometer rating system used by the Swiss watch industry. Ball are constantly creating patented features for their wrist watches and have a wonderful selection criteria for their Ambassadors, resulting in a selection of adventurous heroes and heroines wearing their Ball watches in the most extreme of situations, including space. If you require a reliable, robust, highly legible wrist watch at a fraction of what you would expect to pay, then we highly recommend the viewing of the Ball Watch range.

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